1.- Process advice
Granular anaerobic reactors are developing a progressive presence in many and different industries, this diversity makes their problems and solutions are as diverse as the wastewater they treat.
Our work, in many of these industrial sectors, makes us having a close knowledge of the needs of each customer and specific solutions.
Experiences in all types of anaerobic reactors, Anaflux, Uasb, Egbs, Ic as examples of granular support reactors and contact reactors and complete mixtures as an example of flocculent mud reactors.
We help you to optimize your installation, we have specialists in chemical applications reducing consumption, process specialists, automation specialists, etc … that lead to lower operating costs of the installation.

2.- Supply of Granular Anaerobic Mud.

We have the capacity to supply quickly and safely granular sludges of adequate quality for your purification process.
We have our own warehouses, and sludge obtained from reactors with optimum performance.
We guarantee the quality of the granule, the concentration and the quantity of bulk trucks.
Supply packaging formats of anaerobic granule
Small containers of 25 l for pilot plants
Big containers of 1000 l for pilot plants
Bulk trucks to 27 net tons
Bulk isotanks of 25 net tons
20 feet sea containers with flexitanks (internal bags) of 20 net tons

3.- Audits
Qualified staff checks your processes, audits the facilities and their suitability, we detect problems and propose specific solutions to each facility.

4.- Training
We train your staff so that they can detect and solve with sufficient knowledge any incident that may arise in the facility
It is vital for many facilities to have their own qualified, reliable and permanent staff for good continuity and stability of processes.
Your water is important enough to prevent that someone else manage it without having a knowledge transfer.

5.- Start-up
If you need to start a new reactor or your reactor has decreased its activity abruptly or totally due to toxicity, inhibition or leakage of mud, we can help you in this delicate task of starting and adjusting your installation.
We start and supply anaerobic sludge for the start-up of different reactors; granular, not granular anerobic, granular sludge supply, flocculent, etc. all anaerobics.

6.- Quality
Our work standard is 100% product guarantee, we have qualified personnel to load and unload the sludge, not leaving this work to third companies.
We carry this standard rule to about the 40 facilities with anaerobic reactors with which we collaborate.
Tests and mud activity test if the customer requires it.
We guarantee the granule quality, its decantability, activity, concentration and volatiles.
We also counsel you with the best mud option for your type of water.
Our company APLICACIONES ESPECIALES DEL VALLÉS S.L. is willing to answer all the questions that you send us. You can contact us through the following channels:

– email:
– Tel: +34 93 8400317

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