Who are we?

APLICACIONES ESPECIALES DEL VALLÉS S.L. was created in 1990 with theobjective of applying, selecting, marketing and manufacturing, products for different markets.

It has agreements with manufacturers, and contracts with companies supplying raw materials from which it is supplied, and thus Aplicaciones Especiales del Valles, SL takes part in the decisions of collection and selection, always seeking the highest quality in the products to put on the market, to provide the better solutions to our customers. 

From 2010 and following a new expansion plan, it has proceeded to a heavy investment, adding to the existing facilities a new plant in Fortuna (Murcia), and then other plant in Barcelona, for the manufacture, handling, storage and research of new products.

APLICACIONES ESPECIALES DEL VALLES SL is a company with a very clear quality policy for product-price-service. A big part of our job is to get very competitive prices and high quality.

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