Civil Engineering

In the different drillings, an aqueous medium with or without clay has been used mostly, regardless of the Mechanical System and in the working invironment. However, the new requirements and technologies have led to the development and use of a series of additives or products that improve and optimize the drilling process itself. These products are called Drilling Additives.
The main applications and consequences of the use of these additives are:
  • Facilitate and Improve the extraction and lubrication of waste from drilling (slag). By modifying the density, viscosity at high flow rates.
  • Control the internal pressure of the hole (avoid landslides). Through the parameters of density, viscotiy and, above all, its thixotrophic character.
  • Cooling the machinery, well and waste.
  • Well waterproofing, reducing losses due the filtering of drilling muds,using them in the walls of the well and waterproofint it.
Depending on the product or additive used, it increases or decreases a series of properties in Civil Engineering.
We currently have got a wide range of products and additives for its application in Civil Engineering, organized from:
– Bentonites: INNOGEL SP RANGE.
Conventional Bentonites.
Activated Bentonites.
Additivated Bentonites.
– Additives, Polymers:
Thickeners Polymers. APESMUD Range.
Additive Polymers. APESBENT Range.
Stabilizers Polymers. APCRYL Range.
Defocculaters Polymers. APCRYL Range.
Polymers for Waste. APESBOND Range.
                                     BIFLOC Range. 

Each product of the range covers one or more of the possible applications, in drilling mud (MUD) or in Civil Engineering and in environmental reatments, according to their behavior. Even mixtures between them can also be given to get the most optimal result.

– Environmental Treatments:

Various products for the Waste treatment or of the contaminated drilling mud and the regeneration of the water used in the diferent points.


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