Pelletizing is a process that is applied to some minerals, especially iron, in order to agglomerate very fine particles, in balls of a certain size or diameter, which are known as “pellets”.   These pellets are of a uniform size, with high mechanical resistance and great porosity, which allows a high reaction speed and a higher degree of metallization.


Minerals agglomeration is recommended for:

– Very dusty minerals that can not be loaded directly in blast furnaces because they obstruct the passage of gases.
– Very fine particles less than 10 mm, which remain as waste.
– To reduce impurities and concentrate wealth.
– Etc…

Pelletizing process

It is a process where water is added to the iron ore to get a humidity of 9% and then mixed with the binders, by a mechanical process pellets are formed, with their appropriate physical and metallurgical properties, necessary for their process.

Aplicaciones Especiales del Vallès, SL produces and markets different binders.
– JESFORM 303. Synthetic product of silicon and hig performance.
– INNOSIL PLUS. Sodium bentonite with low values of silicon.
‐ JESFORM 303. Synthetic product free of silicon and high performance.

JESFORM 303, it is an alternative to the use of bentonite. Organic product.

Traditionally, bentonite (INNOSIL) is used as a binder, but in some cases silica and alumina contents can be harmful. JESFORM 303 is dosed at a rate of 0.01-0.05% before the formation of the pellets, that is, about 1/20 of the bentonite.

Depending on the quality of the iron ore, a double binder system comprising both JESFORM 303 (0.02 to 0.03%) and INNOSIL (0.2 to 0.33%) in addition could also give excellent results by decreasing in general the consumption of bentonite in 75-80%. JESFORM 303 improves pellet formation and reduces shrinkage, increasing productivity. The use of JESFORM 303 as a binder also shapes some dimensions of correct and uniform shapes.

JESFORM 303 improves the characteristics of pellets. Pellets prepared using JESFORM 303 exhibit a uniform shape with even a drier surface. The structure of pellets is more suitable for the release of moisture, which improves the resistance to thermal shock and prevents dusting or chipping.

The red hot tablets have fewer breaks, with lower incidence of chips and pieces, and they have a high CCS (Cold Compression Strength), with low AI (Abrasion Index) and TI (Tumble Index). JESFORM 303 burns in the furnace, producing pellets with greater porosity and better reduction capacity than with bentonite.

JESFORM 303 helps reduce costs. 

The use of JESFORM 303 reduces significantly energy consumption, since its use allows to work with less humidity, this means less energy for the drying stage. The reduction of the vapor can contribute to a better transfer of heat, which combined with a lower formation of groupings improves breathing. The rapidity in the formation of pellets also contributes to energy savings.

Our advantages:
 Permanent scientific works in the development of new products.
 High quality and environmentally friendly raw materials.
 The use of the latest technology in the production process, in accordance with European standard rules.
 Since our company is a direct manufacturer, it is a great advantage to be competitive.


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