Bentonite is a Silicate composed mainly of Montmorillonite. The viscosity is achieved by the hydration of the particles, composed of sheets of thin crystals, which carry positive and negative charges, which interact electrostatically. The preparation of the Bentonite is usually made with Fresh Water, because the negative efect of the electrolytes in the water seriously damages the hydration of this. Although it can be additivated in order to reduce the negative efects.

These additives are usually special polymers that increase the Viscosity of the Bentonite, reducing the consumption and lengthening the time of use of this,so it is necessary to keep in mind that all the mechanical processes which are produced in the work and from which the muds are directly afected and especially with polymers.


These products can be added in plant on a part of the Bentonite slurry or in the same manufacturing process. We must remember that one of the behaviors of the Bentonite that make it essential is thixotrophy propieties (gels in inactivity at rest and fuidifes in movement), which allows
controlling the pressure inside the well. This characteristic is also modifed or altered in conditions of high conductivity (salinity or hardness), so the introduction of additives to alleviate or even improve the results are totally necessary.

APLICACIONES ESPECIALES DEL VALLÉS S.L. Due to its long experience over time, it has allowed us to select the best Bentonites, high quality products and maximum performance. Our technical service allows you to obtain the best results and the best performance.

INNOGEL SP 100…….. High quality Sodium Bentonite Additivated.

INNOGEL SP 200…….. Polymer Additivated Sodium Bentonite.

INNOGEL SP 500…….. Special Bentonite for very porous soils.

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